TVWS plays nicely with wireless microphones

Ofcom tests find little to no interference with live-event microphones caused by TV White Space equipment.
Ofcom tested effects of TVWS radios on wireless microphones used during performances at London’s Queens Theatre.

Good news for the TV White Space category: Trials conducted by the U.K.’s Ofcom found negligible or zero interference with live-event microphones caused by the operation of TV White Space radios in near proximity.

The test results, released Nov. 12, are encouraging for the further progression of TV White Space technologies that make use of license-exempt spectrum as a medium for transmitting high-speed Internet signals. One of the unknowns about TVWS radios is whether their use might cause performance degradation for wireless microphones, used during live events such as concerts and performances, that also operate in license-exempt bands.

Among venues where Ofcom tested TVWS radios was the Queens Theater in London during performances of the musical “Les Miserables.” The report’s conclusion: “No reduction in audio quality was detected for any of the radio microphones present on stage.”

Download TV White Spaces: PMSE Co-Existence Tests here.