Mission and Vision

Broadband has become the cornerstone of our world’s infrastructure. Similar to electricity a century ago, broadband is the driver for this generation’s modern revolution. The broadband ecosystem already touches every aspect of our personal lives and work environment. Whether it’s entertainment, communication, social networking, emergency response, healthcare, energy management, business transactions, homeland security, or making family plans, broadband is the basis of connectivity.

Yet the broadband revolution still remains in its early stages. We are poised to help it reach the next level of its evolution by working with colleagues committed to creating the myriad of services, policies, technologies and infrastructure needed to make this a reality.

Here’s UNH BCoE Executive Director Rouzbeh Yassini on the promise of a global broadband network:

Here in New England, we have been engaged with the creation of this process for three decades. Through our organization – working with corporate America, academia, government, and standards organizations – we are committed to plant new seeds of innovation. The advancement of this ecosystem will further change the way we communicate, educate, work, play, and socialize.

Ubiquitous, affordable, and robust broadband means much more than Internet access. As important and democratizing as such access is, broadband, if deployed correctly, is the tool that can:

  • Enhance our nation’s global competitiveness
  • Help retain and grow high-quality jobs
  • Educate and train our population and keep us more competitive
  • Improve the quality of life for every citizen

These initiatives are not isolated activities but all inclusive of the broadband fabric. Just as the steam engine revolutionized transportation and nuclear energy revolutionized power, broadband technology will revolutionize our new economy. It will present a new tool as a catalyst to link our society, improve efficiency and enhance the quality of life.

There are seven metrics used to measure the progress of this broadband evolution:

  1. Availability
  2. Adoption
  3. Affordability
  4. Performance
  5. Utilization
  6. Ease of use
  7. Services

The BCoE unifies these metrics and with a common voice evangelizes for their continued improvement across all sectors of society: government, industry, education and private use.

Conversations regarding the future of broadband can be varied, inconsistent, and disparate.  Depending on the venue, one will hear perspectives limited by the interests of those involved.  The number of pieces – in business, politics, technology, services, and industry – is diverse enough to confuse the image of what the future of broadband can and must be in order for its benefits to be realized for all. The UNH Broadband Center of Excellence is chartered to lead our community in coordinating these varied perspectives into a unified set of focused activities while facilitating communication and information exchange among academic leaders, communities, industry participants and public policy makers.