About BCoE

About the Broadband Center of Excellence

UNH BCoE is a working, visitor-friendly showcase and resource organization whose goals are to enable all – government, universities, communities and industry participants – to use broadband as a tool to create economic growth, societal improvements and business success. The Center leverages UNH resources, research and technology expertise, and process and policy tools to support advances in broadband services and capabilities. UNH BCoE conducts research, provides consulting and shares information in this pursuit.

UNH BCoE is led by cable modem pioneer Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini and technology experts who were the early pioneers in the development of broadband technologies. UNH is a university community that is at the forefront of broadband technologies and is home to the UNH InterOperability Laboratory, a world-recognized independent networking and data communications testing facility.

UNH BCoE’s strategic goals are to expand the reach of broadband and make it a ubiquitous service available to everyone, everywhere. The UNH BCoE focuses on four charter elements:

  • 2020 Strategic Plan: Promote and enhance UNH as a fully broadband-enabled university and thought leader; and promote New Hampshire as a leader in ubiquitous broadband connectivity – the first fully broadband state.
  • Community Outreach: Help align UNH’s broadband knowledge and capabilities with the needs of communities and industry in the areas of economy, education, public services and infrastructure.
  • Broadband Evolution: Engage industry, technologists, educators, service providers and community leaders to explore and advance broadband applications and technology for economic and social betterment.
  • Public Policy, Regulation and Intellectual Property Rights: Influence laws, policy and regulations to facilitate the deployment of affordable broadband connectivity to all stakeholders.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Research and innovation to extend broadband to unserved and under-served communities
  • Broadband system planning and strategic analysis
  • Business planning , modeling, and cost optimization methodologies
  • Broadband product/services specification, enhancement and creation
  • New technology deployment and analysis (network security, protocols, simulation and modeling
  • Instruction and training (business, technical, marketing and operations)